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5 Interview Questions You Need to Ask in Our New Reality

COVID-19 has brought many challenges for organizations but it has also brought opportunities for growth and improvement. One of the unknowns facing companies in this new reality is how to handle recruitment and hiring, especially as many will be blending work from home and office. The option to work from home, or blend between home and office, will need to be incorporated into your company’s recruitment strategy. In order to attract the best talent, it is critical to ensure your recruitment efforts align with candidates’ expectations - and that they possess the qualities you will need in this new reality before you bring them onboard. Now more than ever, beyond the skills and experience each role requires, you need to find team members who possess these 5 essential qualities: 1. Agility The ability to adapt to change - big and small - and to think quickly is one of the most important qualities to be looking for. Our collective understanding of what normal looks like, and what it will look like in 6 or 12 months, will require teams to adapt and thrive in many new scenarios. Interview question: Describe a time when you anticipated and solved a complex problem

2. Initiative Not only do employees need to be disciplined and accountable when working from home, they need the ability to see opportunities to act or take charge without being told. With much more delegation and independent working, companies need people who can move the needle. Interview question: Describe a situation where you identified an opportunity to make your work more efficient or saw an opportunity to streamline your work.

3. Growth Mindset

While “growth mindset” is sometimes overused these days, the ability to embrace challenges and persist in the face of setbacks is critical in this new reality. With so many new factors to navigate, companies need to attract people open to learning and not set in the old ways.

Interview question: Describe a time you were faced with a challenge at work. What was your process for tackling the challenge and what was the outcome?

4. Collaboration

The ability to work jointly with others to find solutions that create value, especially when team members may not be in the same space, is more important than ever. While some of your team may be working remotely, they should not feel isolated and the ability to effectively collaborate is crucial.

Potential interview question: Tell me about your favorite experience working within a team and your contribution.

5. Emotional Intelligence

The COVID-19 experience has forced many people to reflect on their own thinking and behaviours, as well as those around them. The importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace will continue to help teams adjust and adapt in this new environment.

Potential interview question: Tell me about a time someone criticized your work. How did you respond and what did you learn?

BONUS: Interview preparedness

Just because many interviews are now conducted online through video conferencing applications such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, candidates should still show up prepared. Did they show up on time? Have they set up their computer in a well lit and distraction free environment? Do they know anything about your company? Did they come prepared with their own questions?

If you would like help with your recruitment strategy in this reality, including interview questions that will identify key candidate qualities, contact us anytime at or text 403-478-7710.


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