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Your reputation precedes you. 

Whether you know it or not, every business that hires people has an EMPLOYER BRAND - the unique reputation you have earned as an employer, both internally and externally. 

This is not the same as your company brand - but it is just as important to your success. 

Your employer brand is the single biggest factor in whether or not top talent choose to work for you.


YES, that's right.


Top talent CHOOSES to work for you, not the other way around. All you can do is make it impossible for them to resist. 


How you treat your people, the culture you nurture, your purpose & values, and the unique employment experience you offer all adds up to your employer brand.

Ask yourself this simple question: why would a great candidate CHOOSE to work for you? Why would they even apply in the first place? 

It's not just your Glassdoor reviews, your careers website or even how many awards you win. It's the ecosystem of every single touchpoint your company has with people, from recruitment all the way to off-boarding. 

In other words, employer branding is how you are perceived and marketed to job seekers and your own employees. This is not a story that you control - but you can influence it!


The better you are at employer branding, the more likely you will build a high performing team that fits your culture. and helps you achieve your goals.


However, this goes much deeper than a marketing campaign. A strong employer brand is authentic and transparent - because it truly reflects who you are as a company and is reinforced by your own people, who are your ambassadors.


And we are here to help you every step of the way. 

We work with organizations to find their unique voice, amplify it, and promote a shared purpose that unites your existing team while attracting the right talent to help you grow. ​

Employer Branding

Your purpose, culture & reputation as an employer
has never been more important to your bottom line. 


White Earth




These days people are looking for something they believe in - where values align and purpose inspires loyalty. 

We help you discover your true mission, vision and values - the core of who you are and where you're going - that will attract the RIGHT people to join your team and inspire them to help grow your business.

Working in Office


An EVP is the unique promise  that you make to your people in return for their time, skills and performance - and it is a reflection of your culture.

A great EVP is the authentic expression of how you treat and value your people, which in turn motivates them to perform. And it also helps you stand out from the competition for it.

Woman at Work



Every interaction with your team is an opportunity to engage, especially when they first join. In fact, great onboarding can improve retention by over 50%.

From welcome packages and culture guides, to training videos and policies - a strong employee onboarding process can set everyone up for success, while also helping new hires ramp up faster.


Colleagues in Meeting

Improving your employer brand is not a simple task -it requires deep insight into who you are, what motivates your team, and why some of them leave.

Understanding what your current reputation is as an employer - both internally and externally - will help inform what you want it to be in the future. Then we help devise a plan to get you there.

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86% of employees and job seekers research company reviews and ratings to decide on where to apply for a job.

- Glassdoor 

why should top
people work for you?

(we can help you answer that)
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