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People. Performance. Profit.

Nothing is more important than investing in your people and the systems that support them. We can help you build a great team that performs at their best so you can lead with ease, make decisions with confidence, and increase your profitability.


A strategic partner for all your HR needs.

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Build the right team to achieve your goals, both now and in the future. We help you find the best people for your business and develop strategies to help them thrive.



Employee guidelines and policies tailored to your business. From code of conduct and social media, to onboarding and benefits, we ensure you have your ducks in a row. 

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As your company grows so do your needs. Process improvement and work structure are critical to successful change management and we can guide you through every step.

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Get the most out of your people and make sure they can get the most out of you. We work with teams and individuals to develop stronger leadership skills for managing people. Because managing people is the hardest job there is.

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Optimal performance must be clearly defined, measured, and articulated to be well executed. We help you prioritize performance, how to measure it, and the appropriate rewards and consequences.

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Identify and develop leadership potential within your organization — not just at the top but for key roles at all levels. We help your business prepare for all contingencies by preparing high-potential workers for advancement.


When the Covid Crisis began, VIMY HR became a lifeline for us. Kathryn was there to support our team through the temporary layoffs, communication updates, and once we were able to re-open our facility, she assisted with the rehiring processes. Our questions were responded to quickly, difficult decisions were discussed in detail and thoroughly supported. We could not have imagined going through this challenging time without Vimy HR’s knowledge and expertise.

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Calgary JCC

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Practical HR Consulting

VIMY HR was founded by Vered Levant, a Senior HR Professional with 15+ years experience in oil & gas, government relations, utilities, construction, financial services, health & wellness, and non-profit. After many years working with larger organizations, Vered recognized the huge gap many small-to-medium businesses face in terms of HR and the benefits even the smallest businesses could see from sound advice and strategies. VIMY HR helps these businesses with a tailored, cost-effective approach to HR strategy, policy development, coaching, and talent recruitment - with a vision that all businesses should be able to invest in their people with confidence.





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