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Unwind & Recharge: HR Experts Share Tips for Personal Holiday Destressing

The winter holidays offer a precious opportunity to unwind, recharge, and step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s especially important for business leaders to take time to reflect, relax, and come at the new year fully refreshed.

Keep in mind, "relaxing" is a subjective experience that takes on diverse forms for different individuals. What brings a sense of calm and rejuvenation to one person may be entirely different for another. For some, relaxation involves solitude. Others find comfort in the hustle and bustle of social gatherings, feeling energized by the company of friends and family. Understanding that relaxation is a deeply personal concept allows us to appreciate the diversity of preferences and encourages a holistic approach to well-being that caters to the unique needs and interests of each individual. 

As HR consultants committed to holistic well-being, we understand the importance of taking care of yourself during this festive season. Here are some expert tips from us at VIMY HR to help you destress individually and make the most of your winter break: 

  • Disconnect from work: Give yourself the gift of true relaxation by disconnecting from work-related emails and tasks. Set clear boundaries and resist the temptation to check your work inbox.

  • Turn the notifications off your phone, and choose a time of day to check those messages if absolutely necessary.

  • Clearly communicate to your team and clients that you will be taking this break. Set that out of office email.

  • Empower your team and delegate responsibilities. Trusting your team members to handle the day-to-day allows you to step back with confidence, not to mention instilling trust with your team. 

  • Create a relaxing environment: Transform your living space into a haven of tranquility. If Christmas carols or that old playlist aren’t doing it for you, we recommend where you can stream calming background noise while you wrap those last-minute gifts or prep the family meal. A peaceful environment can significantly contribute to your overall sense of well-being. 

  • Embrace mindfulness practices: Listen to your smart watch when it reminds you each day to foster a sense of calm. Take a break from the chaos. Whether it's meditation, deep breathing exercises, or a snowy walk in nature, these practices can help center your mind and reduce stress. 

  • Reflect and set intentions: Vered Levant recommends setting aside a day to yourself: “I like to spend one day alone where I reflect on the year and create lists of personal, professional, family, and company goals I’d like to aim for next year. This helps me put into perspective how much I accomplished, what I’ve learned, and how that impacts how I’m going to show up the following year.” 

  • Engage in enjoyable activities: Rediscover the activities that bring you joy. The holidays are the perfect time to indulge in self-care. 

  • Connect with loved ones. Whether it's through video calls, in-person gatherings, or heartfelt messages, fostering meaningful connections can provide emotional support and uplift your spirits. 

  • Reconnect with personal hobbies. Whether it’s painting, reading, or getting back on the squash court, getting back into something you’ve been missing helps fill that bucket of happiness.

  • Take part in local festivities. Being part of the community can provide a change of scene and foster a sense of connection with your local area.  

And above all, set realistic expectations: Release the pressure to create a perfect holiday experience. We all know that Grandma may have an opinion on how to make the gravy. It's okay if everything doesn't go exactly as planned. Focus on the joy of the present moment rather than striving for perfection.  

At VIMY HR, we believe that personal well-being is the cornerstone of professional success. By incorporating these destressing tips into your winter holiday routine, you can return to work in the new year with a renewed sense of energy and resilience. 

Wishing you a peaceful and rejuvenating holiday season! 

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