A strategic partner for all your HR needs.

We provide small to medium sized businesses sound, cost-effective human resources solutions. Our services include strategic recruitment, full cycle recruitment support, training facilitation, performance management, leadership coaching, change management, and policy development. We also offer monthly HR support options for growing companies requiring consistent HR advice and support.


Comprehensive review of current practices and policies to ensure legislative compliance. Development of HR policies and guidelines to ensure risk mitigation and consistency among your team members. Pricing based on an hourly or flat fee structure.

Implementation Planning


Expert recruitment support including sourcing and evaluating candidates, on-site interviews, background checks, and onboarding support. We also offer employee training programs and leadership development. Pricing is based on the most cost effective approach for your business – hourly fee, one time flat fee, or an affordable contingency fee.

Finance Consultancy


Growing businesses need to plan for the future to ensure you have the right team in place to get you there. Leadership coaching, change management, succession planning, and performance strategies are just a few of the ways we can help you prepare for what comes next.